When to Get a Kia Oil Change

Service Technician changing the oil on a vehicle


If you drive a Kia, then you know how important it is to keep up with your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, which includes oil changes. Luckily, the service center at West Salem Kia at West Salem Kia is here to help you determine when you’re due for an oil change and all of the other questions you might have. If you’re due for a Kia Soul oil change or an oil change on any Kia model, use our Kia oil change coupons at West Salem Kia to save on your next visit and get back on the Sparta roads in no time.



Kia Oil Change Recommendations & Factors

If you’re unsure when to get a Kia oil change, then just remember that the general recommendation is to change your Kia mode’s oil around every 7,500-10,000 miles. However, the exact number of how many miles to change the oil in your Kia will vary depending on what model you drive. You may also need to change your oil more frequently if you do the following:

  • Racing
  • Heavy towing
  • Off-roading
  • Commercial use

Kia Oil Change Price

How much will an oil change for your Kia cost? The exact price will depend on the year, model, and trim of Kia that you drive and what kind of oil it requires. However, most Onalaska Kia drivers can expect to pay anywhere from $55-$75 for a standard Kia oil change. To know how much your Kia oil change price will be, contact our service center to get a quote.

How Long Does a Kia Oil Change Take?

If you change your Kia model’s oil from your own garage, then you’ll usually want to spare at least an hour to complete the job. However, taking your Kia to our service center at West Salem Kia can help you save time and effort. We’ll have your Kia model’s oil changed quickly and efficiently, so you can be ready to hit the La Crosse roads before your lunch break is over. Schedule service with West Salem Kia to get back on the roads in no time.

Other Kia Oil Change Tips

When you’re ready to get a Kia Optima oil change or change the oil on any Kia model, be sure to keep these other oil change tips in mind:

  • Have your oil changed at least twice a year even if you don’t drive it that much. This is because oil can still break down over time even when you don’t drive your car.
  • Have your oil filter replaced every time you have our oil changed. If you’re changing your oil yourself, stop by our parts center to get a new oil filter.
  • Check your owner’s manual to see what kind of oil your vehicle needs. Synthetic oil costs more but usually lasts longer than conventional oil.

If you’re unsure of when you last got an oil change, then stop by our service center at West Salem Kia to have our experts take a look. If you need to have your oil changed, be sure to use our Kia oil change coupons and other service specials to get a discount.

Get a Kia Oil Change at West Salem Kia

Contact us the next time your Kia needs an oil change. We’re conveniently located in West Salem, so set up a time to bring in your Kia and have its oil changed quickly and affordably.

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